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A Treasure Hunt in Time

Once upon a time, in a little house on the beach, lived a little girl named Lucy and her younger brother Finley, with both their mom and dad. Lucy and Finley both had brown hair and ocean blue eyes. They loved to play pirates on the beach and look for lost treasure!

One day while they were on the beach playing pirates as usual, they decided to explore a bit further. Lucy and Finley chased each other for a while, then as they continued running, Finley tripped over something in the sand and fell over. They looked at the sand, and the corner of what seemed to be a box was sticking out. Lucy and Finley began digging, and once they had finished, they were surprised as to what they had found. It was a small golden box that was glowing. They decided to open this glowing box, and once they opened it a big bright light hit them unconscious.

When they woke up, they were confused as to what had just happened. They noticed the box was open and there was a piece of paper in the box. Lucy grabbed it and read it out loud “in order to return to your home, you must complete your quest, once you have completed it, go back to where it all began.”

They weren’t really sure what it meant but they decided it was time to go home, as it was getting late. However, as they were on their way home, they were stunned at what they saw... their house was gone and there was a huge ship on the beach, it sounded like there were people in there too!

They walked towards the ship and there was a man standing there.

- “Excuse me sir” said Lucy.

The man turned around and both Lucy and Finley were surprised, as the man had a hook for a hand, and a skull patch on his hat.

- “You’re a pirate!!” yelled Finley,

- “Aye’ yes I am indeed a pirate, young lad, and we are on a hunt for treasure!” the pirate said.

Lucy and Finley's faces lit up with smiles, they had always wanted to go treasure hunting!

- “Can we come?, Can we come?!” they both yelled, to which the pirate responded “Ah yes, the more, the merrier, we are headed to an abandoned island not far from here, where they say treasure is buried, hop on dear o’l Kraken there and we will get going.”

Kraken is what he called his ship.

Lucy and Finley ran on the ship and were absolutely mesmerized. They had never seen a real life pirate ship! There were other pirates on the ship as well, some with eye patches and scars and one even had a wooden leg!

As the ship started to sail, they found a wooden block to sit on, which read “Captain Whitlock” on the front. When the Pirate came on the ship Lucy asked if he was Captain Whitlock, - “Ah I am indeed Captain Whitlock, my grandfather was the first Captain Whitlock, but you can just call me Junior for short.” he said.

They arrived at the island but there didn’t seem to be any treasure, Lucy, Finley and the rest of the pirates continued exploring, hoping to find a clue that could lead them to the treasure.

Finally, when Lucy and Finley got tired, they sat on what seemed to be an old wooden board, but once they were sitting down, Lucy noticed that there were handles on this wooden board. They stood up and each of them grabbed a handle. They pulled as hard as they could and eventually bust it open!

They were amazed at what they saw. Golden coins, necklaces, rings, rubies, and more! They both yelled for Junior who came running at their screams,

- “Is everything alright?” he asked

- “We found the treasure!” they both yelled!

Junior’s face glowed with delight. Soon, the rest of the pirate crew came and gathered all the treasure back to the Kraken.

- “Aye, thank you very much for your help on our hunt for treasure, as a reward, you may pick anything you like from the treasure.” Junior told the kids.

Lucy and Finley were beyond happy and each took 1 thing from the treasure chest. Lucy took a necklace that had a red ruby on it and Finley took a golden ring with an emerald stone on it.

They made their way back to the island where Junior dropped them off,

- “I am beyond grateful for your help today, we must get going now, but I hope to see you again.” Junior said, with what looked like a tear running down his eye.

They said their goodbyes and Lucy and Finley made their way back to the little golden box. They weren’t sure what to do, so Lucy picked up the paper and read it out loud again, and as soon as she finished the bright light hit them unconscious once again.

As they woke up, they walked back to where the pirate ship was, but it was gone, and their house was back again. They went inside and told their parents everything, but of course their mom and dad thought it was just their imagination.

When Lucy and Finley were getting ready for bed, they noticed something in their pockets... it was the necklace Lucy had brought and the ring Finley had chosen!

Even though their parents thought it was all just imagination, they knew in their hearts it was real.

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